LED Screen for first renter: 5 Things you need to know

Whenever you decided to rent an LED Screen what is the first thing that comes to mind? Of course you would either be thinking “how much budget do I need? Or what size is the screen?”

Indeed all of this is important but the truth is there a lot more you need to be aware of before renting your first LED Screen you need to know your power supply, the resolution, brightness, view distance, etc.

However with the right rental company and proper knowledge you will definitely make a big impression on your client, here we simply breakdown 5 Tips you need to know when renting your first LED Screen!

1. Understand All Of Your Needs 

A 3d led screen render using sketchup made by Bridge Partners
SketchUp LED Screen P3.9 3m x 5m base edit

Before deciding to rent an LED screen you must clearly define your needs. Consider factors such as screen size, resolution, brightness, and viewing distance based on the event or purpose. Knowing your specific needs will help you select the right LED screen display.

Ask them to create 3d plans or renders with SketchUp to show you how the LED screen will appear once installed (this will help save you a lot of time and money!)

You can also break this down according to where the screen will be installed! Whether it be indoor or outdoor.

  • Outdoor: Use lower resolution for optimal use. Most of your audience won’t even realise as they are far away from the screen.
    This means that the screen that you are using can be bigger, more powerful, and brighter, too.
  • Indoor: Opposite to outdoor LED, it is recommended to have your LED Panel on high resolution.

Tip: Get creative! Don’t just limit yourself with flat boxy shapes, you can create unique shapes like triangles, cylinders, curves or cubes and position them at different angles.

There are different types of LED screen display for different event locations, and certain models are more suited depending on the environments they are in. 

2. Find A Reputable Rental Company 

A Google Search of nearby rental multimedia in Bali
Google Search for Rental Multimedia in Bali

Look for reliable and reputable rental companies that specialise in LED screen. Read reviews, compare prices, and evaluate their track record in delivering quality equipment and services. 

A reputable Audio Visual (AV) rental company will ensure a smooth rental experience. Ask the client about the setup whenever you can to avoid last minute changes. You can ask things like where it will be held, the layout of the event, how the attendants will be distributed, will there be business livery or logos, and so on.

When you have all of this information an AV rental company can help recommend which LED screen you should get and settle a budget based on your required request.

3. Check All Technical Specifications 

A list of LED P3.9 on the market ready to rent
Search Result for LED Screen Panel P3.9 in the marketplace

Pay attention to technical specifications such as pixel pitch, refresh rate, and viewing angles. These factors determine the quality and performance of the LED screen. Ensure that the specifications meet your requirements and are suitable for the intended use.

Ask these questions before settling on a deal (this is a great way to avoid scams):

  1. How big is the pixel pitch? The lower the pixels, the sharper the image quality
  2. What is the size of the screen resolution? Highest screen resolution: 4K (3840×2160)
  3. How bright will the screen be? 
  4. Is the IP rating good enough? Outdoor screens require an IP65 rating
  5. Is the ratio proportional with the screen size?

Once everything is in check you can go ahead and settle a deal or…bargain! Not many people may know this but it is possible to bargain with an AV rental company and most are open to do so, all you have to do is just ask!

4. Plan for Installation and Setup 

Now that you made a deal it is time for the most important part! The setup! LED screen require proper installation and setup. 

Consider factors such as the location, mounting options, power supply, and any additional equipment needed such as video processors or media players. 

Discuss installation requirements and logistics with the rental company well in advance to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Setup and takedown will always come included with the rental. This allows you to focus on other things that need your attention for the event to run smoothly.

5. Test and Familiarize Yourself

An ongoing coca cola team building event with two speakers hyping up the building in front of an LED Screen made up of P3.9 Panel
Coca Cola LED Screen P3.9 3m x 5m result

Once the LED screen is delivered and set up, thoroughly test it to ensure everything is working correctly. Familiarise yourself with the operation, controls, and troubleshooting procedures.

If necessary, request a demonstration or training from the rental company to maximize your experience and avoid any technical difficulties during your event.

With so many options, choosing an LED screen is never an easy task but with proper planning and clear communication with the rental company, you are guaranteed to have a successful LED screen rental experience.

Of course if you need more help it never hurts to ask a professional like us! Ixton is ready to be a multimedia resource and consultant for your event, so whatever request you need answers to we are always here to be your guide! 

Feel free to email us at ixton.official@gmail.com and get a free quote from us!

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