TV size inch to cm: How to know TV sizes based on dimensions

Having a TV size chart on hand can be a lifesaver, when you are inquiring about a TV for your next event or perhaps interested in buying yourself a nice new TV it is best to know what specific size you are going with.

In the TV industry, the standardised measurement tool uses inches. This blog will cover the cheat sheet you need.

The most popular TV sizes found in many households are 43”, 55”, and 65” models in recent years.

However, there are many other bigger and smaller TVs, so it’s best to do research first before deciding to buy or rent one. Remember, it is best to find a TV that fits just right.

Two TV in comparison: TV 1 size 80″ and TV 2 size 85″

A mammoth 80-inch screen might seem attractive, but if your room is cozy and compact, it could dominate the space and disrupt the aesthetic.

Considering a petite TV in a huge living room will also have a bad impact on the overall room and make you feel lost in the room.

Take stock of your room’s layout, seating arrangements, and viewing angles to determine the appropriate TV size.

Consider factors such as wall space for mounting, furniture placement, and ambient lighting, all of which can influence the perceived size and impact of your TV.

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TV size dimensions: inches to cm

Finding the perfect balance between screen size and viewing distance is important. 

Below is explained TV size chart conversion from inch to cm.

TV size in inchTV size in cm (width x height)
15”33.21 cm x 18.68 cm
19”40.06 cm x 23.66 cm
22”48.7 cm x 27.4 cm
26”57.56 cm x 32.38 cm
32”70.84 cm x 39.85 cm
37”81.91 cm x 46.07 cm
40”88.55 cm x 49.81 cm
43”95.3 cm x 53.6 cm
47”104.05 cm x 58.53 cm
50”110.69 cm x 62.26 cm
55”121.76 cm x 68.49 cm
70”154.97 cm x 87.17 cm
85”191.1 cm x 110.2 cm

Opting for a screen that’s too small for your space can result in strained eyes and a lackluster viewing experience. Finding a TV that’s too large for the room can overwhelm the senses and make it difficult to take in the entire picture comfortably.

Therefore, it is important to get the best viewing experience with the best picture that is comfortable for you.  

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