LED Screen in Bali | Where to rent and find?

In case you come and wonder where you can find a huge LED screen for your soon to be event, we’ve got the answers for you.

Today we will discuss all the benefits of LED screen and how to specially rent one in Bali. So, hold your horses because we are about to dive deep down into the complicated world of event production.

What is Rental LED Screen?

A choir rehearsal on stage outdoor in front of an led screen
A Group of Choir Singing on Stage

Typically, event organizers will rental an LED Screen in order to amaze their clients. It is the best way to highlight the speakers and hosts, set the mood, and make the whole stage pops! These screens are rented as a main display in many type of events such as parties, exhibitions, weddings, and conferences.

Why Should I Rent LED Screen?

Renting LED screen is a good idea as they make your event pop a lot more. Here’s what to expect:

  • Flexible design
  • Low electricity
  • Instant Lighting
  • No Heat or UV Emissions
  • Able to Operate in Cold Temperature
  • You will be seen as an expert in events

But, Where would I find an LED Screen Rental in Bali?

Host speaking with a background of the host on the screen
LED Screen P3.9 3m x 5m (Close-Up Shot)

Host getting ready to speak in front of an LED Screen
A Woman getting ready to give a speech

Once you decided to rent an LED Screen on your own you need to be first aware of your demands and comfortable with its key fundamentals.

You should know different types of audio-visual equipment as an event organizer. And, if you don’t know any of these, equip yourself with the right knowledge. You can follow our pro tips which we have covered in our previous blog: LED Screen for first renter: 5 Things you need to know.

two host speaking in front of led
LED Screen P3.9 3m x 5m (Far view)

However, if you do understand what to do from here you can find local LED screen rental service providers in Bali by searching on google. We recommend you check out their past work, reviews, and recommendations. Always keep in mind that your best option may not be the cheapest one.

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We cover delivery, rental, setup, production, power, sound, and unmatched customer service in our daily service. All for a single, affordable flat charge with no hidden price increase.

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